My name is Bryant Kreaden and my clients consider me their Car Shrink.

When my clients first gave me the nickname, I thought it was lighthearted, but I soon realized how true it was: For the right person, cars are therapy.

Blasting down a two-lane highway is a better than any prescription from a pharmacy. Driving your dream car is the ultimate anti-depressant. You have saved thoughtfully, now it is time to spend wisely, but how will you know which car to choose? The market for classic and supercars is saturated; trying to invest without proper counsel can leave you filled with anxiety.

Many people say they do what I do. They claim to have access to premiere manufacturers, some even say they represent top-tier collectors. My advice would be to ask them, “Are you direct to the buyer or seller?” You will find many of them are not.

My earliest memory was begging my father to keep up with a bright-red Ferrari while driving around Vancouver Island. For weeks in college, I skipped classes to race Formula Renault in Europe.

I started selling Porsches at the end of the now-legendary air-cooled era, and was headhunted by Ferrari of North America during the reign of Luca di Montezmolo. I represented the legendary brand at their flagship dealership in Los Angeles. The connections I made with both companies exist to this date. When my clients are shopping for a new supercar or hyper-car, they are not treated like regular customers.

First of all, my clients never have to set foot in a dealership if they don’t wish to do so. For those interested in privacy, I specialize in private treaty sales. Your relationship with a car does not end with your purchase – so I help with financing and insurance. If you want to test the limits of your new toy, I have a relationship with one of the most exclusive racetracks on the West Coast. When it comes time to sell your classic car, my manufacturer connections can ensure it comes with official certifications, increasing the value.

My goal is to maximize your enjoyment throughout the life of the vehicle, whether that means teaching you how to properly shift gears on a vintage manual transmission or getting you prepped for a single-make race series.

I care deeply about my clients’ emotional well-being and I’m honored they call me their Car Shrink. If you believe your transportation can transform your life, please contact me.

After all, in the long run, it’s cheaper than therapy.

Bryant Kreaden

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